Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back From Laziness

Hye to all readers and it's been a while i haven't write in this blog.
It is because i have another 3 main blogs that i have to maintain everyday.
So after i think almost a year i decided to write back in this blog.
Hopefully you'll enjoy my writing after this because i will write all about
my feeling(happiness,sadness,and etc) here because another blog was actually
for business and public purpose.So i think its better to share and
express all my feeling by writing in this blog(do you think it so).
Hope i can get support from all of you and give me comment
(no matter negative or positive) to build up my energy and emotion.

p/s :
- actually i got a lot of thing to share with all of you and hopefully i can recovered from all the pain inside my heart.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I hate Everything About You->(Dedicated to all my x-girlfriend)


I hate everything about you…You know why…Because when you want me you’ll will say you love me…But after you got what you want you yell at me…


I hate everything about you…You wanna know why…Because i am always stay by your side whenever you need me but…When i need you and something that i want…You left me without any reason…


I hate everything about you…You know why…Because i love your family same like i love my family…But you since to hate my family and didn’t resect my family…


I hate everything about you…You wanna know why…Because every single second i keep on thinking about you and sincere to you…But you even i have give you all that you need…you keep on entertaining other eople(especially man)huh…went out with other boyfriend while i am suffering in my dull life…

So darling…remember what goes aroud turns around.You will feel what i feel…The God is Fair to other s..Remember.


Once Brothers Forever Brothers(Dedicated to My Best Friend That I Think Will Never Be A Friend Anymore)

Once we knew each other i have already believe that we will be brothers…Never put in even a small prejudice and always trust in you…We always support and never fought each other…

Even we studied in a different class we will stay up together to reach our goals…All of your friends were also my friends and all of my friends were also your friends…I ate what you ate…and i drunk what you drunk…

We believe in a same way of life…cry together laugh together…You and me are the same…That’s what we always say…

But now,it was different…I am your worst nightmare and also your worst enemy.You turn your back at me…Hate me as you hate your enemy…but still don’t know why is it happen…

Dear friend…If i have made any mistake…please tell me…Even it will brake my pride…even it will brake my heart…I will do it as long we can be like the past time we do…We always said that don’t be a coward…don’t mess with each other…But now what have you done…You broke my heart into pieces…You left me aside without reason…

And lastly my friend,I apologize for all the mistakes that i have done…Even though i don’t know what it is…If i made you piece off…And even we can’t be like those past days…Please forgive me and please let the past be gone…Because we only live once and we never know when we will end our lives…TQ for being a good friend of mine and one more time i hope that you will forgive me for all the sins that i have made until our relationship ended like this….

~~Bean Moreno~~

Monday, September 24, 2007

"Bautiful Liar"

Do we aware that we are surrounded by the most dangerus weapon on earth.It still remain as dengeous weapon but we still need it.It was called GIRL or what should I say,"Beautiful Liar".Maybe some of you will think that i am crazy but it is a fact.But actually not all of the girls are "Beautiful Liar".

As in a normal life one of the most guys weaknesses was "Beautiful and sexy gilrs"HAHA..All guy will seek for a beautiful gilrs for their couple but do they think that sometimes they were used by the beauty of a girl...For me i have experience getting used by this "Beauiful Liar".That's why i said that not all of the girls outside there were really serious and sincere to their relationship.Todays many of the girls didn' have the sincerity in their love an relationship.

Some of them just want us only for their part time partner.Some of them will love you if you have money.And a part of them will only come to you just for fun o what should i say for SEX.HUHU...They were really slicky and smart.They wil use many tactic to make you fall in love wil them espeacially their most powerful weapon is their beauty. They will seduce us with their beauty and sexiness just to get what ever they want from you.And after they have success an satisfied in their mission they will leave you behind and fine another victim.

So guys beware of this "Beautiful Liar".If you love somebody make sure that she was not categorized as a "Beautiful Liar" bacause they can ruin your life.

Appreciation No More...A tribute to Nurin Jazlin


As we know there is one sad moment happenned in Malaysia.It was because Nurin Jazlin left us with many question that couldn't be answered by many of us.She was died because she became a victim of irresponsible animal that acted like a human.A haman that have lost his mind and sense of humanity.Or should i call stupid and heartless people.
How should we categorized this heartless type of people.How can we punished them because of their attitude.I also still can't understand why this type of people still life in this civilised world.For me this sex maniac people should die with all their bustard habits.
Can't they read what other people think.Can't they think before they done the stupid things.And can't they release they sex addict to other person not to a child that knows nothing.Shame of you.I still can't understand why should they punished a little girl for their mistake.If they really can't hold anymore,they can release their sex addict to GRO or maybe hooker.Why to a little girl.It doesn't make any sense.
I hope the person that responsible doing that stupid stuff and attituse to Nurin please come out.Where is your guts when you do that shame attitude.Where is your guts when you dare to ruin a little girl life.For me you are gutless and coward.And one word for you "Fuck Off And Die".
Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blood Brothers Ceremony(Muar)


This is the picture that very precious to me because what that i have planned a long time ago can be done last night.This is a reunion of all my brothers after a long sleep.But this is only a part of us.I still have a couple of boys that can't attend this ceremony.

It was very fun and we have a good chat in a couple of subject.Thanks for my "brother" in Muar that can make this plan happened and we was very glad with it.Thanks for all of my guys that can come and waste your time to have this ceremony.Hope we will make a difference in our life and i hope all of you can give 100% commitment to our next project.
Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today i am very happy because i will hang around with my "Blood Brothers" or what can we say... "Triads Members".Hehehe..Just joking.After a long time i have planned and organized this group at last i can see all of my the result of my sacrifice...Even a bit sad seeing some of my boys wasn't active anymore.With these new boys, I have planned many thing to make something new in our life...We have planned to open a new business together and i was hoping that they will give their commitment to this plan.

So come on brothers we have to show something to somebody that hate us.Open their eyes and let them see that we are something and can make it happen.I just need your commitment.

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